Improve Grain structure of
Non-Ferrous Alloys
Reduce Melting Loss
Improve Metal efficiency

Deoxidising agents for Copper & Copper based alloys. D.O.TUBES  are individual copper based tubes containing a variety of reagents. D.O.TUBES are specially designed to remove dissolved oxygen formed during the melting process. If this dissolved gas is allowed to remain in the melt it can seriously reduce mechanical properties and pressure tightness of the casting. Thus, D.O.Tubes are used to maintain the mechanical properties and reduce rejections due to defects.
Upon completion of the melting process using the appropriate covering and cleaning agents, the melt should be deoxidised to remove dissolved oxygen.

It is most important that the slag is completely removed (specially in the case of oxidising slags) before treatment with D.O.TUBES in order to prevent a reaction between the deoxidising agent and oxygen contained in the slag.
D.O.TUBES should be plunged quickly down to the bottom of the melt using a forked plunging rod and kept there until the reaction is complete.

D.O.TUBES comes in three sizes.
D.O.TUBE I- For 25 kgs of molten metal
D.O.TUBE II- For 50 kgs of molten metal
D.O.TUBE IV- For 100 kgs of molten metal